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Get the most important National Lottery information on this page to set you up for playing your favourite games. Find the main facts for each lottery and select the one of your choice for even more details. There's more lottery info below, helping you to learn even more about playing the National Lottery in South Africa.

Daily Lotto

Daily Lotto is a game which guarantees that all of the prize money must be won in every draw, so you can end up landing some major prizes without even matching all the numbers. You only have to match two out of five numbers to receive a payout.

  • Pick five numbers from 36
  • Draws every day at 21:00
  • Four ways to win
  • Jackpot must always be won


Lotto gives you the opportunity to land jackpots that can be worth tens of millions of rand. It's South Africa's longest-running game and is enjoyed twice a week. What's more, you can add Lotto Plus 1 and Plus 2 to your ticket to boost your chances even more.

  • Draws held on Wednesdays and Saturdays
  • Select six numbers from 1 to 52
  • Jackpot rolls over until it's won
  • Lotto Plus 1 and Plus 2 also available


The biggest jackpot game in South Africa, Powerball's top prize has been known to rise even higher than R200 million. There are nine different prize divisions, while you can also take part in PowerBall Plus for another chance to win a huge jackpot.

  • Choose five numbers from 1 to 50 and a PowerBall from 1 to 20
  • Takes place every Tuesday and Friday
  • No jackpot cap so giant prizes can be offered
  • PowerBall Plus gives more chances to win


The National Lottery Raffle only takes place on special occasions and gives away luxury non-cash prizes - sports cars and even houses have been put up for grabs in the past. All of the prizes are guaranteed to be won in a Raffle and ticket prices vary.

  • Raffle draws only take place around once a year
  • Limited tickets are available for each draw - once they're gone, they're gone
  • Match one of the winning codes to win a prize
  • Cash and non-cash prizes can be won

Sportstake 4

Sportstake 4 is one of the newest additions to the games offered in South Africa. The game works similar to Sportstake 8, however you need to predict the first and second half outcomes of just four soccer matches.

  • Fixtures every Monday and Thursday
  • Great odds of winning
  • Predict what will happen in four soccer games
  • Game can only be played online

Sportstake 8

Sportstake 8 is a game themed around soccer predictions. Predict the first-half and second-half outcomes for eight of the biggest matches around the world. Get at least 13 out of 16 predictions correct to win a prize.

  • Three chances to play every week
  • Predict what will happen in eight soccer games
  • Propick option helps you play quickly
  • Division 1 prize rolls over if nobody wins

Sportstake 13

In Sportstake 13, you predict the full-time result of 13 soccer matches. You need to get them all correct to win the jackpot, but there are prizes for getting as few as 10 right. Fixture lists are published three times a week.

  • Predict the outcome of 13 soccer results
  • Fixtures taken from biggest leagues in the world
  • Multi-play and Propick options available
  • Prizes for getting at least 10 predictions correct

Sportstake Cricket

The Cricket version of Sportstake works exactly as it says - the traditional Sportstake format now includes Cricket fixtures! You must predict the outcome of ten pre-defined matches to play.

  • Each list is finalised on a Sunday
  • Predict what will happen in 10 cricket matches
  • Win from matching as few as seven correct outcomes
  • Division 1 prize rolls over if nobody wins

Sportstake Rugby

Sportstake is now available to rugby fans across South Africa, as teams from South Africa, England and around the world feature in this new variation of the Sportstake game.

  • Predict the outcome of 10 predetermined rugby matches
  • Fixtures taken from biggest leagues in the world
  • Prizes start from matching at least seven predictions
  • Division 1 jackpot rolls over if there are no winners

Pick 3

In Pick 3, you have the flexibility to decide how you want to play. Only three winning numbers from 0 to 9 are selected, and you can choose whether you want to try and match them in the exact order or any order. You can win up to 500x your wager.

  • Match three numbers from 0 to 9 to win
  • Choose your play type and even how much you bet
  • Prizes can be worth 500x your stake
  • Game can only be played online

International Lotteries

Take a look at some of the most popular international lotteries that can be played here in South Africa. Select a game to view information about how it is played, the latest winning numbers and links to play online.

How to Claim Winnings

To claim prizes, you can take your ticket to a retailer, one of the National Lottery's regional offices, or even mail it in. The exact process and the options you have depend on how much you have won, but it is always a good idea to make sure you sign your entry.

If you play online, it is far simpler to receive your winnings as you will always be notified when you win and in most cases the money will just be transferred into your account.

Eaziwin Games

Eaziwin games allow you to play for big prizes without even having to wait for a draw. You just need to walk into a store or log in to your lottery account and pick a game – you can win in an instant.

There are several options to choose from online and at retailers. The games have different themes and are played in slightly different ways, but it's very easy to take part in all of them.

Lost and Damaged Tickets

Your lottery ticket is the only proof that you have played a game and you'll need it to claim a prize, so make sure to keep it safe. However, if your ticket gets lost or damaged there are still steps you can take if you believe you're a winner.

Find Your Nearest Retailer

You can pick up tickets for lottery games from retailers all over South Africa. If you're not sure where the nearest store to you is that sells tickets, you can use this very handy tool to track down where you can play.