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PowerBall puts up the biggest jackpots in South Africa, and it's not uncommon for prizes to run into hundreds of millions of rand. Draws take place on Tuesday and Friday nights, and the top prize keeps growing for as long as it takes for someone to win it.

There are also eight other ways to pick up prizes in every draw and you are guaranteed a payout if you match the PowerBall. Follow the relevant links below to learn more about the game.

Tonight's PowerBall Jackpot:
R65 Million!

Different ways to play

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You can play PowerBall online, in stores or through various other platforms, including mobile banking services. Once you have picked your numbers you are in with a chance of winning millions.

How to Play Guide


Shooting star icon offers predictions for the next draw, based on statistics from previous draws. See the latest set of numbers and the outcome of the most recent prediction.

PowerBall Predictions

PowerBall Payouts

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You can win a prize just by matching the PowerBall, and the more main numbers you match the greater your prize. Predict the full set correctly and you win the jackpot.

Prize Payouts

Analyse the Stats

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Look through a range of PowerBall statistics to find out the most common numbers from all previous draws, as well as the most overdue numbers, the least common, and much more.

Hot Numbers

Generate your own lucky numbers

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If you’re struggling to finalise your selections for the next PowerBall draw, use the Generator to instantly produce a set of five random numbers and one PowerBall.

PowerBall Lucky Numbers

Check your tickets

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To find out whether you have won a prize, enter your numbers into the Checker and you'll see straight away whether they have matched. You can even check multiple sets at the same time.

Use the Ticket Checker

Questions and Answers

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Get the answers to the most frequently asked questions, whether you want to know about the next PowerBall jackpot, how to win prizes, or how to claim before the deadline.

PowerBall FAQs

Biggest PowerBall Winners

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A number of players have landed jackpots worth more than R100 million in the last few years. Find out more about some of the luckiest ticket holders in South African PowerBall history.

Biggest Winners

PowerBall Plus offers another chance to win

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You can add PowerBall Plus to your ticket to give your numbers another opportunity to win. A second draw takes place, in which the jackpots can be just as big as in the main game.

PowerBall Plus