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Pick 3 Lottery

Pick 3 is an online-only lottery which gives you great flexibility over how you play. You get to choose from several different bet types and can even select how much you want to wager, so picking three numbers from 0 to 9 could lead to some great wins. There are three draws every day - at 15:00, 20:00 and 23:00 SAST - and the top prize is R9,500. Find out more about Pick 3, how it works and how you can win prizes.

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How to Play Pick 3

Pick 3 is available exclusively online – you won't find tickets in stores. You'll therefore need to set up an online account and make sure you have added funds to pay for your entries. The cut-off time for taking part is 10 minutes before the draw is held.

Your goal is to match the winning numbers according to the bet type you have chosen. The prize you can win depends on your bet type and the amount you wager.

Start by selecting your numbers and your bet type. You can choose your own or opt for a Quick Pick if you want the selections to be generated at random. Here are the available bet types:

The different types of bets for the Pick 3 game
  • Straight: Pick three numbers in the order you predict they will appear. You can select the same number more than once if you wish.
  • Box: Choose three numbers that you predict will be selected in the draw. You can match the numbers in any order.
  • Straight/Box: You still pick three numbers from 0 to 9, but this type of bet combines a Straight and a Box. Half of your wager goes on predicting the numbers in the exact order selected, and half goes on predicting the numbers in any order.
  • Combo: The three numbers you pick are entered as separate straight bets. The numbers can therefore appear in any order, so the odds of winning are better than a Straight. The potential payouts are also better than a Box, but the cost of entry increases proportionally as you are playing each combination of your selected numbers as a Straight.
  • Pair: Choose two numbers instead of three with this type of bet. Select whether you want to match the front pair (the first two numbers) or the back pair (the last two numbers). You have to match them in the right order to win.

Number Combinations

For the Box, Straight/Box and Combo bets, the combination of numbers you pick makes a difference to how much you can win. Here are the two ways you can form your bets:

3-Way Bet image

3-Way Bets

A 3-way bet consists of two numbers that are the same and one that is unique, for example 110 or 488. The name ‘3-way’ relates to how many combinations of those three numbers can be created. For the numbers 110, for instance, they can be arranged as 110, 101 or 011.

6-Way Bet image

6-Way Bets

Using the same method as a 3-way bet, if you select three numbers that are all different, such as 123, this is what is known as a 6-way bet. There are six ways in which those numbers could be arranged, for example 123 could also be set out as 132, 213, 231, 312 or 321.

As there are more possible combinations for your numbers in a 6-way bet, the odds of winning are better. As a result, the prize amounts if you win are lower.

For Straight and Pairs bets, it is not relevant whether you have selected duplicate numbers or not, as you are predicting one specific combination. For Straight bets you can even select the same number three times.

All of the prize amounts are fixed, depending on your bet type and the size of your stake. You can choose to wager R9.50 or R19.00. Remember that Combo bets will cost more as you are entering each combination of numbers as a separate Straight.

While there is no single Pick 3 jackpot, you can win up to 500x your stake. A R19.00 Straight bet will pay out R9,500. Prizes do not roll over if there are no winners.

Pick 3 Prizes: What You Can Win

The following table shows how much you can win for each type of bet, along with the odds of winning:

Bet Type Prize Payout Odds of Winning
Straight Prize for R9.50 bet Prize for R19.00 bet  
Straight R4,750 R9,500 1 in 1,000
Box Prize for R9.50 bet Prize for R19.00 bet  
Box (3-way) R1,520 R3,040 1 in 333
Box (6-way) R760 R1,520 1 in 167
Straight/Box: Prize for R9.50 bet Prize for R19.00 bet  
Straight/Box (3-way)* R1,520 R6,270 1 in 333/1 in 1,000
Straight/Box (6-way)* R760 R5,510 1 in 167/1 in 1,000
Combo Prize for R28.50 bet Prize for R57.00 bet  
Combo (3-way)* R4,750 R9,500 1 in 333
Combo Prize for R57.00 bet Prize for R114.00 bet  
Combo (6-way)* R4,750 R9,500 1 in 167
Combo Prize for R9.50 bet Prize for R19.00 bet  
Front Pair R475 R950 1 in 100
Back Pair R475 R950 1 in 100

*If your selected numbers match the winning numbers in exactly the right order, you win the full prize for a Straight/Box bet. If your numbers are drawn in any other order, you just win the smaller Box prize that is listed first.

You don't win a prize for matching some of the winning numbers. You have to match them all as you specified with your bet type. You'll always be notified automatically by email if you win Pick 3 as it is an online-only game. Prizes will be paid straight into your own account.

You can also use the Pick 3 Checker to help find out if you have won.