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Free Lottery Sign up imagePlay the Free Lottery online for a chance to win £500 (approximately R11,729) every day and a £10,000 (R234,573) jackpot every week. As the name of the game suggests, it's completely free to play - you don't need to pay any amount to enter.

All you have to do is register an account and then pick your numbers for the next draw.

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How to Play the Free Lottery

Follow the simple steps below to get your entries in for the next Free Lottery draw:

* When you first register your Free Lottery account, you automatically qualify for entry to the next Weekly Draw. To enter any Weekly Draw thereafter, you must play three Daily Draws in the same week.

Your entry will only be counted once the ticket has been generated and the on-screen confirmation appears. If you navigate away from the page before the process has completed, your entry may not be counted.

Daily and Weekly Draws

There are two types of draw available when you play the Free Lottery: the Daily Draw and the Weekly Draw. Enter all of them and you have eight chances to win every week.

All winning numbers are added to the results page shortly after every draw.

The Daily Draw

Free Lottery Daily Draw

Free Lottery Daily Draws take place at about 21:30 South Africa local time every day of the week. You must enter before the cut-off time of 19:30, otherwise you will not be able to enter that day's draw. If you pick your numbers after that time, they will be entered into the following day's draw.

There are no qualifying criteria, so you can play in every Daily Draw as soon as you have registered and verified your account, but you can only enter each draw once. The prize in the Daily Draw is fixed at £500 and you must match all six numbers to win it.

The Weekly Draw

Free Lottery Weekly Draw

The Weekly Free Lottery Draw takes place at 16:00 every Monday and offers a jackpot prize of £10,000 every time. To play, you must enter three Daily Draws in the week preceding the Weekly Draw. This period of time runs from 17:00 SAST on a Monday to 14:00 the following Monday.

After you have entered three Daily Draws within that period, you will be able to play in that week's Weekly Draw. You must choose your numbers by 14:00 on the day of the draw. If you don't manage to do so, you will not be able to enter that week's draw and will need to qualify for the next Weekly Draw before you can pick your numbers.

How to Claim Free Lottery Prizes

When you win, you’ll need to contact the Free Lottery within two days of the winning draw. Once your claim has been received, a team of customer service agents is on hand to guide you through the rest of the process.

Prize money is paid out in the form of a cheque, which is sent to the postal address you listed on your account. Packages will be registered to ensure safe delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

If there's anything else you need to know, read the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Free Lottery.

Do I have to pay anything to play or claim prizes?

The Free Lottery is completely free to play – there are no hidden charges or fees to pay when you claim a prize.

Why can’t I play in the Weekly Draw even though I’ve played three Daily Draws?

To qualify to play the Weekly Draw, you must enter three Daily Draws within a specific time period, running from 17:00 SAST on a Monday to 14:00 the following Monday. You will be able to enter the Weekly Draw as soon as you have registered your third entry in this period.

Can I play the Free Lottery from South Africa?

The Free Lottery is can be played in locations around the world. All you need to do is register an account on the Free Lottery website and then you will be able to choose your numbers for the next draw.

How old do I have to be to play?

You must be at least 18 years of age to play the Free Lottery.

Will the prize money be paid into my bank account?

All prizes are paid in the form of a cheque delivered by registered post to the address listed on your Free Lottery account.

How are prizes paid for?

Most lotteries use the entry fee to cover the cost of paying out prizes. The Free Lottery covers this cost through advertising and other features available on the site, so no entry fee is required.