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PowerBall Plus

PowerBall Plus gives you a second chance to win multimillion-rand jackpots with every board you play. Jackpots can even be bigger than those offered in the main PowerBall draw. Winning numbers are selected straight after the main draw has taken place at 21:00 every Tuesday and Friday, after which they're added straight to the results page.

Tomorrow's PowerBall Plus Jackpot is an estimated: R3 Million!

How to Play PowerBall Plus

To play PowerBall Plus, all you need to do is mark the option on your betslip, or if you play online just select the option when you fill out your entry. It costs R2.50 per board to enter PowerBall Plus, taking the total cost for each board to R7.50.

The numbers you pick to play in the main PowerBall draw will then also be used to play PowerBall Plus. It will be applied to all draws you choose to enter. For example, if you choose to enter all draws over a two-week period in advance and you add PowerBall Plus to your ticket, you will pay to play every Plus draw over that period. The same goes if you play multiple boards on the same betslip – PowerBall Plus will be applied to all of them.

Here’s some key things to remember when you play PowerBall Plus:

  • You cannot play in the Plus draw on its own. You must also enter the main PowerBall draw.
  • You use the same numbers in both draws and do not pick a fresh set for PowerBall Plus.
  • You can win prizes in both draws on the same night.
  • Any numbers you match in the main PowerBall draw do not count towards PowerBall Plus. The two draws are played independently of each other.

How Does PowerBall Plus Work?

PowerBall Plus works in just the same way as the main draw. Five main numbers between 1 and 50 and a PowerBall from 1 to 20 are selected in the winning line, and you win if your numbers match. You win the PowerBall Plus jackpot by matching all of the numbers drawn, and there are eight other prizes on offer, including R5 just for matching the PowerBall.

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Past Events

PowerBall Plus was introduced in 2015. The first PowerBall Plus draw was held on December 15 2015 and offered a guaranteed R10 million jackpot. The top prize was not won on the night and rolled over to reach R23 million, before it was won by a player from KwaZulu-Natal.

Many guaranteed jackpots have been offered in the years that PowerBall Plus has been active, including several during the run of 59 consecutive rollovers that led to the record-breaking R153 million jackpot in July 2020. Guaranteed prizes were offered at R45 million, R55 million, and then once more at R150 million, before the jackpot rolled over again and was won in the subsequent draw.

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