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National Lottery Raffle

You can win big cash prizes, cars, and even houses in the National Lottery Raffle. All of the prizes that are put up for grabs in the annual draw are guaranteed to be won, unlike in most traditional lotteries. Learn more about South Africa's Raffle and how to play.

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How the Raffle works

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The National Lottery announces the prizes that will be offered and you just need to purchase your Raffle tickets in advance.

You’ll be given a unique number and then you just have to wait for the draw. Winning numbers are selected at random and if you match one of them, you win the corresponding prize.

How to Play

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The South Africa Raffle gives away a large number of prizes every year.

There’s a lot of winning codes, but you don’t have to go through them individually to see if one of them matches up with what it says on your ticket. Instead you can just enter your number in the Checker to find out if you’ve won.

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Whether you want to know about how to buy tickets for the next Raffle, what prizes you can win or anything else related to this annual draw, you can get the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Browse through the list of queries to familiarise yourself with how it all works.

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Raffle Prizes

The prizes are different in each draw but they usually include a luxury reward, as well as cash prizes. Previous editions have given away prizes such as:

Prizes for the next draw will be shown here once they are announced by the National Lottery.

You have 365 days from the date of a draw to claim your prize. Prizes of up to R2,000 can be claimed from any participating retailer, while prizes of up to R50,000 should be redeemed at an authorised National Lottery payment centre. If you win an award of more than R50,000 – or a non-cash prize such as a car - you must claim from one of the National Lottery operator's regional offices. Go to the How to Claim page for more information.

The non-cash prizes are not transferrable so you cannot request a cash payout instead of what is on offer. The National Lottery sometimes holds publicity events for the winners of non-cash prizes but, as with all other lotteries in South Africa, it will only do so if you provide consent for your name or picture to be used.