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How to Play and Win Lotto

There are many different ways to play Lotto – online, in-store, on your phone, on the FNB app – but the rules are the same whichever method you choose. You pick six numbers and win if you match them with those selected in the draw. Follow the guide below to find out how to play Lotto and how to win big prizes.

Picking Lotto numbers

Pick your numbers (1-52)

Start by choosing six numbers between 1 and 52. If you play in-store you just need to mark your numbers on the first board on the betslip. If you play online just click or tap on the numbers you want to play. Alternatively, select the Quick Pick option to receive a random set of numbers.

There's a seventh number selected in each draw – the Bonus Ball – but you do not need to choose one when you buy your entries. Ticket sales close at 20:30.

Add Lotto Plus

Optional: Add Lotto Plus

Confirm whether you want to add Lotto Plus to your ticket. For an additional fee, you can enter your numbers into the Lotto Plus 1 draw or into Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2. Just mark one or both of the Lotto Plus boxes on the betslip to add them.

You use the same numbers for all of these draws, so you don't need to pick any extra ones for Lotto Plus. The rules are the same: match your numbers with those selected in the draw to win.

Number of boards

Choose how many boards to play

You can play multiple sets of numbers in the same draw. In-store, you simply need to fill in as many boards on the betslip as you want to play. If you opt in to Lotto Plus, it will be added to all the boards you complete. You can spend up to R2,000 at a time.

If you play online, just pick as many numbers as you wish to play or select a number of Quick Picks. The total cost of your entries will be shown at the checkout.

Enter multiple draws

Enter multiple draws

The Multi-Draw option allows you to enter multiple draws ahead of time. In-store, just mark the required number of draws on the betslip – you can enter up to 10 draws in advance. If you've added Lotto Plus to your ticket, it will be applied to all the draws you enter.

You will receive one ticket with your entries for all draws, so make sure you keep it safe. If you play online, your numbers will be saved in your player account.

Pay for your tickets

Confirm and pay for your tickets

Once you've completed your betslip, check it over to make sure you're happy with your bets and then take it to the teller to pay. Lotto costs R5 per line and Lotto Plus 1 and Plus 2 each cost R2.50, so if you enter both Lotto Plus draws each set of numbers will cost a total of R10.

You will need to deposit funds into your player account to pay for online entries. Check that the numbers and Multi-Draw options are correct, and then checkout with your bets.

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If you're playing on your phone (not through the FNB app), you follow the same steps described above, but in a different order: 1. Choose how many boards to play 2. Add Lotto Plus 3. Enter multiple draws 4. Pick your numbers 5. Confirm and pay for your entries.

How to Win Lotto

To win a Lotto prize, the numbers you pick when you buy your ticket must match the numbers selected in the draw you entered. You don't have to match them in the same order they're drawn, but your numbers are only valid for the draw(s) shown on your ticket, so if your numbers come up in a draw you haven’t entered, you don't win a prize.

You must match at least two numbers plus the Bonus Ball to win a prize, and the jackpot is paid out to anyone who matches all six main numbers. The Lotto Plus draws work in exactly the same way – the only difference is the amount of money you win.