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PowerBall Prizes

PowerBall gives you the chance to play for some of South Africa's biggest prizes – the jackpot has even been known to exceed R200 million. You win the top prize if you match all the numbers, and the eight other prize divisions provide lots of ways to get a payout. Learn more about all the prize categories and how the PowerBall number works.

Prize Payouts

The amount you win on PowerBall depends, primarily, on how many numbers you match. If you match the PowerBall on its own, or one main number and the PowerBall, you receive a fixed amount.

The value of your prize increases as you match more of the winning numbers, but the exact payout in the top seven divisions is also determined by the number of winners and the total prize pool. A percentage of the prize pool is allocated to each of these other categories and this money is then split between the winners.

Look at the table below to see all the prize divisions, the odds of winning and the payouts in recent draws.

Division Numbers Matched Odds of Winning Prize Pool Percentage Payout In Last Draw Average Payout Since 2017
1 5 + PowerBall 1 in 42,375,200 70.73% R59,443,542.85 R46,687,061.90
2 5 1 in 2,230,274 5.19% R121,349.60 R277,630.68
3 4 + PowerBall 1 in 188,334 3.25% R12,665.00 R16,731.46
4 4 1 in 9,912 5.51% R1,127.60 R1,052.93
5 3 + PowerBall 1 in 4,280 6.23% R527.80 R504.23
6 3 1 in 225 5.19% R23.90 R21.90
7 2 + PowerBall 1 in 299 3.90% R23.20 R21.81
8 1 + PowerBall 1 in 57 R15 R15.00 R15.00
9 0 + PowerBall 1 in 35 R10 R10.00 R10.00
The overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 18

The fixed prizes are paid out before the remainder of the prize fund is distributed between winners in the other divisions.

The money allocated to the jackpot rolls over to the next draw if there are no winners. The top prize can keep growing until someone matches all the numbers, as there is no jackpot cap or rollover limit. Head over to the PowerBall Winners page to find out about the biggest prizes ever paid out.

Take a look at the PowerBall Plus Prizes page to see the payouts for the supplementary game.

How the PowerBall Works

The PowerBall is the final number selected in every draw and is vital in helping you to win prizes. Six of the nine prize divisions require you to match the Powerball, and you must match it alongside all five main numbers to land the jackpot.

However, as the PowerBall is selected from a different set of numbers to the main five, some players can be unsure about the role it plays and whether they have matched it or not.

You should consider the PowerBall on your ticket as separate to your main numbers. The main numbers you pick must match up to the winning main numbers that are announced. Likewise, you should only compare the PowerBall on your ticket to the winning PowerBall number.

Do not let the two groups - your main numbers and the PowerBall - become blurred. For example, if one of your main numbers appears as the Powerball, you have not matched the PowerBall. If your PowerBall is selected as a main number, you have not matched an extra main number.